A Truck Driver Reviews Blue Tiger Elite Headset

Today I got the Blue Tiger headset reviewed.  I had Blueparrot for over a year and a half that worked fairly good. I started having problems with it with the audio. It wasn’t coming through and apparently it needed a firmware update. I only have a MacBook computer needed a pc computer to do the firmware update.

They just had some problems so I decided to go ahead and give another Bluetooth headset a try. I found out about Blue Tiger and I wish I would have had this one all along it is way more comfortable on the ear.

The microphone works great but there are some special features about it that I want to show you that I like especially like a lot more.

Some of the features that I really like about this one are this button right here. It is the most important one this is like a toggle switch that you can press in and it will start playing your music whatever you had playing.

If you have a radio on it will start playing that last you can skip music by pushing it forward. You turn the volume up by holding it for or holding it backward.  It is pretty amazing and has the standard a USB C charging port which is great.

You got your regular bond here. You hold that to turn on for about two or three seconds or a couple of seconds to turn off. It also works great with uh voice assistant applications like sorry press at once and sorry will allow you to dictate text and ask it to make calls for you or if you use the Google Voice assistant it should do the same thing for Android.


How Does a USB Headset Use Realtek Audio Drivers

Today I will show you how to use Realtek enhancements with a USB headset.

First, you need to download the Realtek audio drivers from your site of preference. For example, you can literally download from the Realtek site from your motherboard supplier under support download and should be there.

After you download it, you can unzip it and then install it by running the setup that exe.

After it set up, it will ask you to restart your PC. After you do that, you should have two new devices for speakers from Realtek. The steerer mix from Realtek. What you want to do is make speakers the default device at which point you cannot hear anything because it doesn’t send audio to your USB headset but it will send it was it will record or any sound you want basically.

After that, you use steer mix and make it listen to this device and make it so it yeah it plays audio to your USB headset. Then you just can use properties on the speakers of Realtek and use the enhancements you want now what basically will be done.

It is like the speaker from Realtek. It will be your PC audio basically it will modify all your radio and but won’t send it anywhere. So you won’t hear anything but steer mix.

We caused our audio and you can make it so it can send that audio to your speakers on the USB front like because you normally can’t use the Realtek drivers with a USB headset because USB headsets have their own drivers.


Eargasm High Fidelity Filtered Earplug Review

Maximum amounts of hearing protection are awesome and highly advise if you find yourself in noisy situations, particularly if you want to prevent hearing loss and tinnitus.

Sometimes, using foam hearing protectors and earmuffs provide the way too much attenuation, particularly if you are trying to appreciate the sound of music.

If you are trying to have conversations with friends in a noisy environment, using a filtered earplug may make more sense.

That is why I decided to check out the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs.

Eargasm is a company that uses its name that is an obviously clever play on words to market its flat attenuation hearing protectors.

You may have seen them on Facebook where they do a ton of advertising. They have a variety of different earplug options from their High Fidelity Earplugs to their Gay Pride Edition to a smaller version of their High Fidelity Earplugs, and even a transparent version of their earplugs that use a clear filter, instead of their signature blue filter.


Earplugs help Focus on Studying

Here are five methods that I employ to increase my focus and concentration while studying.

The distraction can be the big enemy for studying. How to eliminate the distraction? Well, if you have control over certain distractions, then it makes sense to get rid of them for me.

The biggest distractor is noise so if I am studying outside where I don’t have control over the music or the ambient noise.  I take these 3m earplugs or noise-cancelling earphones with me.

Use a timer to incorporate regular breaks into your study session whether it’s fifteen minutes of study and a five-minute break or fifteen minutes of study and a five-minute break.

The point is to alternate between 100% concentration or a state of flow with mental rest. For me, I use the Pomodoro Technique where I alternate between 25 minutes of total concentration with 5 to 15 minutes of break depending on the situation.

Instead of using a traditional timer or a stopwatch, I use an app that keeps track of how many 25-minute cycles I have completed in a given day which is important for me.

If having a clear purpose is not quite enough for you to maintain your focus then use short term rewards my carrots are cash to be spent on unnecessary goods and services.


What is the Best Headphone for Own Use?

Have you guys ever wondered what pair of headphones your favorite tech YouTuber wears behind the camera?

Without wasting any more time,  let’s dive right in. I’m cabby HD here and one of my favorite pairs of headphones is the Audio Technica ath m50x.

A newer version of the m50 is that I’ve used for years. One of the reasons these are so good is they’re not just one specific purpose. They’re really good all-around headphones. While they are reference monitors by name, they’re not a perfectly flat sound.

They do have a little bit of color, a little bit of low end and a little bit of spice to it. It does sound great for listening to music for traveling for casual use.

But at the same time, I’m so familiar with the sound and it is pretty balanced. You can use it for editing so if you edit video or if you edit audio. This is something you can definitely use for that too.

On top of that, they’re comfortable enough to wear for multiple hours on end. They got a little bunch of padding, and they look pretty good. They’re pretty portable, as an all-around pair of headphones to pick up for the price so kind of hard not to recommend.

My favorite headphones are the Grado SR rates so the headphones that use as often as I can.